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Staggeringly affordable website design

Website Design
& Build

We chat about the type of site you want.

I create it using Wix magic.

I test my work and train you how to look after it.

& Identity

We chat about how you want to represent your brand.

I bring your brand to life.

I protect your brand with a bespoke style guide.

Social Media

We chat about how you want to raise your brand profile.

I create a suite of social media friendly graphics for digital marketing.

I offer ongoing support.

Maintenance Plans

Monthly help with the maintenance of your Wix website.

Wix Tutorials

Let me help you learn how to design and build a Wix website.

Who are Blue Deer Creative?

I'm Jamie, the founder of Blue Deer Creative. My aim is to propel small businesses and start-ups to the forefront of their industry by harnessing the power of an effective online presence. I am a connoisseur in the art of crafting bespoke websites, fortified by the support of an internationally renowned web provider that powers over 7 million thriving sites worldwide. I pride myself in not only being financially accessible but also in delivering high-quality services synonymous with a distinguished company.

My services span from designing captivating brochure sites and engaging blogs to efficient data capture, comprehensive e-commerce, robust SEO, and incisive analytics. I collaborate with you to envision, construct, and provide continual support for a website that aligns perfectly with your business objectives. My expertise especially shines in empowering cost-sensitive start-ups aiming for a digital platform that outshines a homemade effort. Furthermore, I extend my services to individuals aspiring to revamp their existing website while enjoying the confidence of being backed by a global brand.

Should you be in search of a web partner that pairs unwavering reliability with unbeatable affordability, I invite you to connect with Blue Deer Creative. Rest assured, our brand of professionalism always comes with a dash of good humour.


Why Wix?

Blue Deer Creative are proud to offer clients the best website solutions, and that's why I have chosen to partner with Wix, the leading website design and development platform.


Since its founding in 2006, Wix has grown exponentially and now has over 220 million registered users worldwide, making it a trusted and popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Why Wix?

The Work.

As you will see from the testimonials page I already have a number of very satisfied clients. So what better way to show you what I could do for your business than give you some examples of the work I do. 

(NB. Once a completed website is handed over to a client, they are free to make changes themselves)

The Work

Get In Touch.

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