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The Full Story.

People, Places and Passions


My story is probably very similar to yours, lots of experiences, some good and some never to be repeated! I've lived in far-away places, but my work has always remained close to home, revolving around people, and their passions.


My passion is creativity in its many guises – music, art, film and comic books; I’m never happier than when interpreting the world through sound and colour.


The way information is presented is meaningful; maybe that comes from my brief dalliance with studying Architecture? More likely I’ve inherited my Dad’s eclectic creativity genes (he was a Draughtsman and member of a Folk Band).


To me, creativity is a vital means of communication; it matters that the websites I build are as aesthetically appealing as they are functionally perfect. You don’t have to be an artist to make art, but you do have to appreciate the difference.

It has to look like it matters, like someone cares. I do, and I know you do too.


What else can I tell you? I’ll work out what your business needs, how to represent your passion and will build it for you, no messing about, no hidden costs and 100% delivery.


This is not a hobby!


I'm a certified Wix 5-Star Partner, Expert and Legend. I’ve been creating and supporting Wix websites through my independent business, Blue Deer Creative, since 2015; delivering exemplary service and high-quality websites for small enterprises and start-ups.


And if you need to know what it’s like to work with Blue Deer Creative, please click here for a few words from happy (but objective) paying customers.

Why the name 'Blue Deer'?

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