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Will your website design service fit within my budget?

Yes. WiX has been around since 2006, that's not only a lot of websites (currently 3.8 million) it's also a lot of experience and development. Simple economies of scale mean that we're not reinventing the wheel with every new site, and those efficiencies are reflected in the price.

Do the websites work?

Every site we build as a global brand contributes to the development process. I’m one part of a vast community of developers (WiX has 3,000 employees) and by individually sharing our experience and support knowledge, every customer benefits.

Why should I pay you when WiX sites are free?

The beauty of WiX websites is that there’s a site for everyone and it’s been made so accessible that yes, you can build a site yourself. You have to remember though that ‘free’ only refers to the basic templates and tools, so you’ll have to pay for anything beyond that, such as your URL, extra functions, ongoing support etc. Finally, you have to account for spending the most precious resource in the world, your time (which you’ll need a lot of if you’ve never done anything like this before).

Will my site come across as ‘cheap’?

It depends what you mean by 'cheap'? Blue Deer builds sites that are affordable and represent fantastic value. Our sites look, perform and engage with an online audience in every comparable way with a site that costs hundreds, if not thousands of pounds more.

What are the limitations of a WiX site?

Getting back to the point of a WiX website, they’re exceptionally cost-effective for the level of design, features, functionality and support small businesses need. You can have portfolios, menus, online ordering, online classes, social media feeds, data capture, e-commerce - the list goes on.

There are some things they can’t do, of course, but we’re talking about specialised functions that the vast majority of our website owners neither need, want, or should have to pay for (to then not use).

How big is Blue Deer Creative?

Blue Deer is a tiny, concentrated, WiX outpost. I work on an individual basis with each client throughout the design and build process on a complete project by project basis. Thankfully, my clients don’t tend to encounter many problems with their sites, but if something does crop up, who better to mend it than the person who built it – even Rolls Royce can’t make that claim!


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