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Step by Step: Our Website Design Process at Blue Deer Creative

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Every business needs a robust online presence in today's digital-first world, and the cornerstone of that presence is a well-designed, user-friendly website. At Blue Deer Creative, we understand that every business is unique. That's why we have a comprehensive, step-by-step design process that ensures we create a website tailored to your specific needs. Here's a peek behind the curtain at our process.

Step 1: Discovery

The first step is understanding your business, your goals, and your audience. We take the time to listen to your needs, understand your brand, and analyse your competitors. This helps us to define clear objectives for the site and make informed decisions throughout the design process.

Step 2: Planning

Once we've defined the objectives, we create a plan for your website. This includes a site map outlining the structure of the site, a timeline for the project, and identifying the necessary resources. We also choose the best platform for your website – in most cases, we recommend Wix due to its versatility and user-friendly interface.

Step 3: Design

With a solid plan in place, we move on to the design phase. This is where we start bringing your website to life, keeping your brand aesthetics, user experience, and SEO practices in mind. We start with a wireframe to get the layout right and then move on to the visual design, where we choose colour schemes, fonts, and other design elements that reflect your brand.

Step 4: Development

Once the design is approved, we start developing your website on the chosen platform, usually Wix. We build the site, page by page, implementing the design and adding functionalities as needed. Throughout this stage, we ensure that the site is mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and loads quickly.

Step 5: Content Integration

Great design is nothing without great content. At this stage, we integrate your website's content – including text, images, videos, and more. We ensure that the content aligns with your brand voice and is optimised for SEO.

Step 6: Testing

Before we launch your website, we thoroughly test it to ensure everything works as it should. This includes checking load times, ensuring that all links work, testing the site on various devices and browsers, and making sure all forms and functionalities are working correctly.

Step 7: Launch

Once we are satisfied that everything is working correctly, it's time to launch your new website! But our job doesn't end here. We monitor the site's performance and address any issues that might arise. We also offer a range of maintenance packages to ensure that your site stays up-to-date and performs optimally.

Step 8: Training

Finally, we provide you with training so you can manage and update your website with ease. We show you how to update content, add new pages, and perform basic maintenance. However, if you'd rather leave that to us, our maintenance packages are designed to keep your site fresh without any effort on your part.

At Blue Deer Creative, we believe in collaboration and transparency. Our clients are involved in every step of the process, ensuring that we create a website that truly reflects their business and meets their needs. If you're a small to medium-sized business or a start-up looking for an affordable, reliable website, get in touch with us. We'd love to help you create a powerful online presence.


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