What Our Customers Say About Us

"Our goal was to modernise, simplify and redesign our website, which needed to cater for a chain of outlets. Jamie and the team at Blue Deer have done an absolutely incredible job. They listen intently to every detail and explain the realities of what can be done. 


They were relentlessly committed to ensuring we were happy with each step of the project and it was really great to be able to partner on this strategically and creatively, rather than it be more of a transaction, which can often be the case. 


They were always positive, constructive, and just a pleasure to work with. I’d 100% recommend and will continue to work with Jamie and his team."

"Jamie at Blue Deer has been an invaluable asset to me ensuring that my social media platforms are up to date with relevant and regular posts/updates.  

He is always forthcoming with help, advice and ideas and I recommend him highly."

—  Katrina, Fitness Vibe

"Jamie helped me finish off my website for my new business at a time when i had run out of time ...and patience! He successfully optimised it for both web & mobile as well as some SEO. He was hugely patient, friendly and good value for money."


—  Victoria, Our Baby Club

"I met Jamie from Blue Deer 18 months ago and I can say without hesitation it’s been a pleasure to work with him. But there are a number of hurdles we’ve had to  jump to achieve a way forward.


Firstly, his taste in music is not what everyone will appreciate but I’ve learnt to put up with it and listening to his radio show (when he turns up) can be a test with his taste in country music :0/


He has handled my media coverage for the period and having got him to my way of thinking and how to spell cabung with low case, even at the start of a sentence!! cabung is for the motor industry. Trouble is he knows absolutely nothing about cars and shows no sign of changing :0(


Would I recommend Bluedeer to anyone, mmmmm, maybe as  an excuse if you fancy a bacon sandwich or wish to discuss being a DJ. Be warned, make sure at meetings that you don’t let your books, papers or computer cables invade his space!!"


—  John, cabung (small'c')

“We approached Jamie with much needed tweaks/updates to our

e-commerce site and he was patient, polite and nothing was a hassle for him. He offered advice, support and went above and beyond in order to deliver exactly what we requested and more.


I can’t recommend this business enough and I’ll certainly be using his services again soon.”

—  Gary, Lily's Loft