• JC

The Ultimate Guide To Co-working

Earlier this year I started co-working at the amazing landmark offices in Hull, C4Di. One of the best business decisions I have ever made and one that has seen me go from kitchen-dwelling vagrant to somebody who has to shower and dress each day!

It's all new to me, I've never shared anything. Let alone my air space. So I was a little apprehensive at first.

  • Would I fit in to a team of creatives?

  • Would my homeless Santa-like appearance be welcome amongst the young and trendy?

  • Is eating constantly at my desk all day acceptable when everybody else shares a grapefruit for lunch?

Honestly....I have no idea what the answer is to those, but I'm loving it. Not only am I sat in an office that oozes class and comfort, I am also amongst some of the brightest minds in the city. Something that can only inspire me to get better at what I do.

There are of course unwritten rules when co-working, and to date I have discovered these to be as follows:

  1. DON'T try to be funny on Slack, it can only fall flat and leave you knowing EVERYBODY has seen it.

  2. DO bring your own headphones. 'Kids' don't understand music - communal or otherwise!

  3. DON'T use another company's mug, less thee be judged.

  4. DO react instantly when the "there's food leftover in reception" message goes up.

  5. DON'T expect the heat inside the office to relate in any way to the heat outside.

  6. DO book meeting rooms....nobody else bothers so you're sure to get one.

  7. DON'T go in to Nibble expecting to just come out with a Diet Coke.

  8. DO be nice to everyone.

  9. DON'T spread all your stuff over more than one desk. This is an office not a festival tent-pitch.

  10. DO bring in multiple chargers for a variety of devices - they're like currency in here!

  11. DON'T be soooooo loud!

It's all fairly simple really and everybody I have met here has made me feel welcome and I absolutely love it.

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