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Do You Really Need A Website?

Yes. Yes you do.

A less wordy blogger may have left this one there, but I feel as though I owe it to you to explain WHY you need a website.

It's Expected

More than 6 out of 10 customers expect you to have some form of digital presence and if you don't it is highly likely that they will look elsewhere. Introduce your business to somebody in person or in writing and the first question you'll get back is "what's your website address?".

Online Reviews

You honestly can't put a price on getting your business reviewed for all to see. A testimonial/reviews page on your website can be the difference between somebody using your services and choosing to go elsewhere.

Company Blog

This is the part where you get to control your story. What people read about you needs to be governed by you and the best way to do this is through a company blog. New product releases, company information, details about staff, amusing anecdotes, there is no limit to how much you can get in to the public domain through a blog on your website.

Your Competition Has A Website

Picture the scene, you're easily better at what you do than your nearest competitor, yet they are getting more business than you. Is it because they are easier to access though online channels? If so, can you really afford not to get a piece of that action?

Open 24/7

Even when you're not open, you are. Just because you don't work until silly o'clock every day, some of your customers will want shop at all hours. So give them a website that they can shop through without disturbing your down time.


If you're not on Google are you even a business? Getting a website will give you a Google presence that will come up when potential customers search for keywords associated with your business offering.


Remember in the olden days when people used to print brochures at great expense, only for them to be out of date as soon as they had a new product or service? Yeah, well with a website you can keep it up to date as often as you see fit, showing off all of your amazing products in glorious HD technicolor.

It's Not Expensive

Okay it can be. But through Blue Deer Creative it isn't. We have websites starting from as little as £349 (+vat) and when you consider all the factors above it's peanuts. This will get you a dynamic and professional online presence that can grow as your business grows. The return on such an investment could be huge.

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