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Spelin Misstakes In Poasts

Naturally, as I'm writing this I'm ridiculously aware that those of you reading it will be scrutinising for grammar and spelling mistakes. So I have to be very careful.

So, does it really matter?

Over on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, illiteracy has become commonplace and almost expected. With the dawn of social media speak and acronyms, such as 'hru', 'tbf' and 'lol' came an acceptance that people can pretty much spell a word however they choose. To pick somebody up on grammatical and spelling errors receives a backlash of Grammar Nazi accusations and "yeah but you knew what I meant" responses.

So there are two questions that stem from that paragraph. Firstly do we sit back and allow social media to ruin the English language on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Secondly is it MORE important to be grammatically correct on LinkedIn, a professional network, than on any so-called 'personal' platform?

Allow me to answer those questions. No, and perhaps yes.

Whilst I'm willing to concede that abbreviations and acronyms are now part of modern life, I refuse to accept that spelling has to suffer as a result. Particularly when it comes to the differential between 'where, were, we're, wear' and 'there, their, they're' etc.

Surely this is the absolute minimum standard EVERYBODY should be adhering to? Even spelling a supposedly difficult word is made easy these days with the invention of spell check and auto-correct. There really is no excuse.

So on to LinkedIn and the question of 'is it even more important to get it right on there, a so-called professional network?'

Again for me, the answer is a resounding YES. If you are representing your business, or even yourself, then you must surely do everything possible to make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. The amount of job adverts and company promotions that I see that have poor grammar is alarming. I had a recruitment agency contact me just the other day and when I checked their job page the first three vacancies all had a huge number of spelling mistakes in them. Suffice to say I'm not doing business with them at the moment.

To some readers, this may seem like a really petty rant and not significant given the grander things that come into focus daily, and perhaps they're right, but I fear for the English language if us 'Grammar Nazis' don't unite and try to stamp out the laziness that has crept in.

Computers pretty much do it all for you fgs!

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